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The Commercialization Of Flumist ( Medimmune ) The First...

The FDA approved in 2003 the commercialization of FluMist ® (MedImmune) the first influenza vaccine with attenuated virus. This trivalent vaccine is administrated via intranasal spray because the virus replicates in cells lining the nasopharynx [21–23]. Use of live-attenuated vaccine has been limited to individuals two through forty-nine years of age based on a failed efficacy to prevent febrile illness in adults fifty through sixty five years of age [22]. As in the TIV the first step for the vaccine production is the generation of the viral seeds that presents the circulating HA and NA and six internal segments (PA, PB1, PB2, NS, NP, M) from the cold-adapted (ca) A/Ann Arbor/6/60 or ca B/Ann Arbor/1/66 (the master donor virus for LAIV (MDV)) [24, 25]. The manufacture of approved FluMist ® is also based on the injection in embryonated eggs of the reassortant virus and the recovery of the allantoic fluid with the screening of the reassortant that grows well at 25 ºC (cold -adapted) and present restricted growth (ta) at 37-39 ºC and is attenuated (att). The vaccine is tested in the ferret model [22]. Once the reassortant virus is selected, it is then injected in fertilized eggs pathogen free (SPF) that are incubated between 48-72h at 35-37 ºC. The allantoic fluid is recovered and clarified by filtration. The virus is concentrated by ultrafiltration and diluted using a stabilizing agent to obtain the final sucrose and potassium phosphate concentration. The virus harvest is thenShow MoreRelatedMedimmune Case Essay753 Words   |  4 PagesMedImmune Case Study Background MedImmune is dedicated to helping patients live better lives through advances in science and medicine. Hundreds of thousands of patients have benefited from their products, which are designed to treat or prevent infectious diseases, cancer and inflammatory diseases (Wikipedia, 2012). Their extensive research and development efforts are focused on these same areas. MedImmune acquired FluMist when it purchased Aviron in 2002. FluMist is Aviron’s lead product for

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Essay on On Feminism and Postmodernism - 3282 Words

On Feminism and Postmodernism It seems fitting that the marriage of feminism and postmodernism is one fraught with both difference and argument. The fact that these disagreements occur within the realm of the intellectual undoubtedly puts a wry smile on the face of either party. While feminism and postmodernism share several characteristics, most notably the deconstruction of the masculinised western ideology, feminism chooses to place itself within the absolutism of the modernist movement. While feminism argues for the continuation of the subject/object dichotomy, aiming largely to reverse the feminine position of the latter to the former, postmodernism would have the modernist movement deconstructed in its entirety, including†¦show more content†¦To begin with, I will attempt to define both feminism and postmodernism. In its simplest form, feminism can be summarized as a movement from the point of, by, and for women (Moi, 1988:9). Extending this further, feminism aims to reverse the power directives of modernist metanarratives while remaining both historically and theoretically a modernist movement (Hekerman 1990:2). Feminism aims to subvert the traditional roles that masculine and feminine play within the modernist dichotomy of subject/object. Historically, women have been prescribed the category of the object. In regards to the masculine subject, this works to further weaken the agency of the object by labeling the object as other. In effect, it was this very labeling of the female as other that was the starting point for contemporary feminist theory (Mascia-Lees Sharpe, 2000:22). By labeling the female as other, the dominant patriarchal discourse of modernism retains its position as subject (2000:22). Feminism aims to reverse the power relations of such modernist binary arguments, allowing those labeled as other the chance to claim the title of subject (2000:23). Nevertheless, the fact remains that modernism is ultimately a patriarchal discourse, a discourse effective only in its entirety and is thus unable to be cropped to the liking of feminists (Hekman, 1990:6). As a result, by remainingShow MoreRelatedBolatito A. Lanre-Abbas, (2013) Feminism In The Postmodernist1173 Words   |  5 PagesBolatito A. Lanre-Abbas, (2013) Feminism in the Postmodernist Age. The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies 28 (3): 355-368, Proquest, Accessed Dec. 27, 2016. Lanre-Abbas Bolatito sees how postmodern feminism and feminism are converging and she looks at how postmodernism is showing up. She explains the Enlightenment era as a time when reason lead to knowledge and this knowledge would lead to technological advances. Postmodernism was used as a critique of the Enlightenment, sayingRead MoreUnder Western Eyes by Mohanty1381 Words   |  6 Pagesdiscourse for constructing â€Å"the third world woman† as a homogeneous â€Å"powerless† and vulnerable group, while women in the North still represent the modern and liberated woman (Mohanty 1991:56). Mohanty is drawing upon theoretical perspectives of postmodernism to understand difference and by that uncover essentialist and Universalist interpretations (Uduyagiri 1995:159). In particular she is drawing upon approaches familiar to Edward Said’s Orientalism and Focault’s approach to discourse, power and knowledgeRead MoreMarxist, Feminist And Postmodernist Ideologies1695 Words   |  7 Pagesa community for people to feel valued (Resnick Wolff, 2013). This is important, as community engagement is one of the key problems with Greensprings. Feminism Though feminism is often seen as something that is only helpful to the females of the population, when it comes to community development, feminism is useful for more than this. Feminism has many different varieties due to the changing times, but these all have similar values: ending gender inequality, roles relating to gender inequalityRead MoreP1 Unit 71069 Words   |  5 Pagessociological perspectives. In this assignment I will be explaining some of the different sociological perspectives in today’s society. The sociological perspectives which I will be explaining will be Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, and interactionism, Collectivism, Postmodernism and The New Right. The first perspective which I will be explaining will be Functionalism. Functionalism is the view that our society is based onagreed norms and values. A norm is social rules that define correct behaviourRead MoreFeminism And The Postmodern Feminist Theory1596 Words   |  7 Pagesevolution of feminist theory from a modern to a postmodern viewpoint stands to correct the injustices of historically liberal feminism. For some time, grand narratives have governed the ideas of self and gender from a single experience of â€Å"man†. Traditionally, modern feminism aimed to eradicate the hegemonic theory of inferiority by women to the male gender. Postmodern feminism aspires to eliminate categories of gender altogether, for the social construct of gender is considered to disregard the individualRead MoreFeminism And Its Impact On Women1223 Words   |  5 Pages Feminism by definition is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. So feminism has a dictionary definition, but when it comes to feminists and feminism there are so many different personal definitions that people and groups hold. Feminism has been around for quite a while. There is evidence of women fighting for their equality for the past twenty-four centuries. If you’re looking for an actual date you might be out of luck. What can be said from The Oxford EnglishRead MoreDevelopment Of Media And Communications Study1481 Words   |  6 Pagesdevelopment of media and communications study and the themes that have helped it to improve during the last century. A persistent concept in this field is equality because theories like Marxism, Cultural Studies, Feminism, Structuralism and Post-structuralism, Subcultural Theory and Postmodernism examined this notion and gave it a meaning in that period of time. Against this background, a central question that motives this paper is: ‘How is equality developed by each ideology and how media manipulateRead MoreAnalysis Of The Of A Salesman And Millers And Williams Plays1102 Words   |  5 PagesThe playwrights we discussed after Tennessee Williams have adapted disparate elements of postmodernism to undermine the modernist assumptions undergirding O’Neill’s, Glaspell’s, Wilder’s, Miller’s and Williams’ plays. I will use Fences, The Hungry Woman, Topdog/Underdog, Glengarry Glen Ross, Six Degrees of Separation, and The Heidi Chronicles to support my claim. To start off, I will come up with working definitions of modernism and post-modernism. Modernism is a movement in culture that seeks toRead MorePostmodernism : Modernism And Postmodernism1549 Words   |  7 PagesModernism and Postmodernism To begin with, to determine the meaning of postmodernism is possible only through the relationship with modernism. Modernism in modern science is understood as a kind of cultural consciousness, which is implemented in the artistic practice of symbolism, expressionism and acmeism. In the socio-historical context, it means the period of modernism in the development of culture from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century, that is, from Impressionism to a new novel andRead MoreLiterary Theories And Literary Criticism1318 Words   |  6 Pagesbut contains numerous conflicting and contradictory meanings; all texts have more than one meaning or interpretation. 2. †¢ Catch22 and Othello †¢ One makes their own conclusions on why certain characters act and say the things they say and do. Postmodernism 1. †¢ Characterized by the insecure use of earlier styles and settlements, a mixture of different artistic styles and media as well as an over-all disbelief of theories. †¢ Characterized through being comprehensive in its criticism by broadening

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Health and Safety In a workplace Free Essays

I have chosen two work places to compare in my health and safety investigation. First one is in my school, and my second workplace is in St James medical centre. I wrote up a questionnaire about health and safety to give to both of my workplaces. We will write a custom essay sample on Health and Safety In a workplace or any similar topic only for you Order Now An employee in this place will fill out the questionnaire to see how much they know about their work place. Firstly both my workplaces do know the evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency or a fire. Waste Materials: Each workplace uses different methods of disposing of their waste materials. The workplace has special bins for unsafe waste and the school uses the sinks or black bags because it is usually not harmful waste thrown away if it is then it is disposed appropriately for the type of martial of substance. The workplace recycles all unwanted paper the same as the school has just bought in paper bins to use in each classroom. Is the electricity is used safely: In each workplace there is different electricity safety insurgency firstly in the Post-graduates who have just finished university can also use electronic information for a variety of things as well. Firstly keep in touch with all there friends that they made from university on websites such as Facebook, MySpace and others like that as well as the chat programs e.g. MSN and others. Secondly using it to find jobs and to start to look for cars and houses school the students can use the switches and the equipment under supervision the teacher has control of the safety switches and the circuit breakers in each lab. The workplace has a rule that only qualified elections are allowed to touch the equipment. Prevent fire: Each workplace is smoke free to insure no fires caused by that. The school has gas cut of switches if the fire was caused by gas to stop the building blowing up. No naked flames and put on near chemicals that are flammable. Each workplace has fire alarms. The medical centre insures that all equipment is switched off before leaving building at night. Effects on environment: The medical centre knows the effect in the environment is helping people. In the school Some ways of having to use the electronic information can be: having to buy clothes online delivered to your door, buying plane tickets for anywhere around the world, having your shopping delivered to your door by a local super market e.g. Tesco, Sainsbury and ASDA. there is know effects to the environment because there are such few hazards chemicals and if there was then they would be so few medical centres w that it wouldn’t make any differences. Hazard chemicals: Each work place does use chemicals the medical centre has correct training for individuals that are handling them and also monitoring of using them too. The school has fume cupboards are used in the labs ands correct storage. Each chemical is clearly labelled how bad it is also they have fire proof cabinets. None of my work places use any biological hazards. First aid: In the medical centre there are doctors and qualified nurses in the case of emergency first aid. In the school there is about 7 teachers qualified in first aid, How to cite Health and Safety In a workplace, Papers

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Research Design and Methods

Questions: 1. Problem statement of the study and research gap.2. Definition and description of theories, models, laws, or concepts.3. The phenomena and research questions (qualitative studies).4. Discussing how theories, model, law or concept connects to the research study. Answers: 1. Problem statement of the study and research gap The purpose of this study is to explore the injustice and imprisonment of the African American people. The major problem faced by the black community of America is unnecessary killing, mass incarceration and unfair legal practice. In other word, the problem is apparently more the result of mass incarceration (Belzer Ryan, 2013). However, the situation is not limited to the factors for which black American people are being deprived. The literature on this topic is very less and therefore, people are not aware about the issue. Due to lack of supportive literature, it is difficult for the black American population to fight back such issues. The legal policies and procedures for the black American are seems to be bias, which prevents the population to survive. The previous researches in this topic are limited to the extreme prison sentences and unfair legal practices. However, there is lot of other social practices, which are unethical and harmful for the Asian American black people (Graff, 2015). Lack of research literature is the major gap of this study. In order to aware the community regarding unethical and unfair practice, it is highly important to have supportive literature. On the other hand, education among this community is low, which prevents them from claiming their right. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the other factors that affect lifestyle of the black American people. 2. Definition and description of theories, models, laws, or concepts The theoretical foundation will be based on the history of treatment to the African Americans in United States. Black American people are deprived from the fair legal practice and their facilities. According to the legal policies, long sentence for unnecessary reason was a lethal practice. These practices are not new to the country; it is something historical, which shows how injustice put lives of black American at risk (Harris Edwards, 2016). The way black Americans are treated in the country is nothing but an illegal movement. When it comes to the theories, civil rights infraction would be the most appropriate for evaluating the topic. According to this theory, violation of civil right is illegal in US lawsuit. Implementing this theory would help to identify how the black Americans are being the victim of bias decision (Marable, 2015). Implementation of drug policies was the most important factor to be discussed in this topic. The movement of government for drug dealing was for incarcerating the criminals. However, as per the statistics, the decision of government was bias and therefore, black people of America were incarcerated frequently (Hatzenbuehler et al., 2015). Evaluating this policy and its consequences will help to evaluate the extent in which black Americans were tortured and made to follow unfair law. However, the law was formed in order to control the increased drug offence. The study will discuss these theories, concepts and legal framework in order to present the theoretical foundation. 3. The phenomena and research questions (qualitative studies) The study will be based on qualitative study. In this manner, it will be possible to conduct interview session with the targeted population. Discussing the research questions with the targeted population will emphasize the facts behind the study topic. The sample for the study would be the black American families. Following are the study questions are stated. What are the problems faced by the black American families due to unfair legal practice? To what extent mass incarceration affects black community of America? What are the issues faced by the black community rather than mass incarceration? 4. Discussing how theories, model, law or concept connects to the research study The theories and concepts evaluated in this study are effective to emphasize the previous research result. The research will reviles the social cause behind mass incarceration in United States. The theory of civil right infraction would help to understand how legal framework of America was used against the black community (Gross, 2015). The topic depends on history of treatment, which will help to gather vast information regarding how black American people were victimized by the nation (Belzer Ryan, 2013). The implementation of drug policy shows that how black American people were forcefully incarcerated for long time. The aim of the research is to discuss the social cause behind the issues and therefore, these theories, law and concepts are most effective. As this study is based on qualitative study, it is highly important to access secondary data from authentic resources such as journals and press release. References Belzer, A., Ryan, S. (2013). Defining the problem of practice dissertation: Where's the practice, what's the problem?.Planning and Changing,44(3/4), 195 GRAFF, G. (2015). Redesigning Racial Caste in America via Mass Incarceration.Journal of Psychohistory,43(2)120-133. Gross, K. N. (2015). African American Women, Mass Incarceration, and the Politics of Protection.Journal of American History,102(1), 25-33 Harris, D., Edwards, S. B. (2016). Black Lives Matter Hatzenbuehler, M. L., Keyes, K., Hamilton, A., Uddin, M., Galea, S. (2015). The collateral damage of mass incarceration: Risk of psychiatric morbidity among nonincarcerated residents of high-incarceration neighborhoods.Journal Information,105(1) Marable, M. (2015).How capitalism underdeveloped black America: Problems in race, political economy, and society. Haymarket Books